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Information organization, like other major functions of the information professions, faces many ethical challenges. In our literature, ethical concerns have been raised with regard to, topics such as, the role of national and international tools and standards, provision of subject access to information, de-professionalization and outsourcing, education of professionals, and the effects of globalization. These issues and many others like them have serious implications for quality and equity in information access. The Information Organization Research Group and the Center for Information Policy Research and the School of Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) came together to present this second conference to address the ethics of information organization. They have been joined by Marquette University Libraries, Milwaukee Public Library, the UWM Libraries, and the UWM Office of the Provost and Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Like the first Ethics of Information Organization conference held in Milwaukee May 2009, this conference (June 2012) includes papers on ethics and elements of information organization such as cataloging standards and practices; subject access; technology; the profession; Indigenous Knowledge organization, cultural, economic, political, corporate, international, multicultural and multilingual aspects. The conference is a crossroads where theory and practice, professional and scholarly come together – all marking the importance of ethics in information organization.


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